Hi Alexandre and everybody else

>In the two or more years that we've been having this discussion noone
>has demonstrated the ability to

as you might know, I'm providing GIMP builds for Mac OS X for the last few years
on http://gimp.lisanet.de

Just as a proof of concept I've patched all of my current builds (since 2.8.6)
and provided such a switch.

>1) implement such a switch;

I did.

>2) maintain a project containing such a switch;

I maintain it since 2.8.6, up to now and will do it as long as I offer packages
for Mac OS X. (just FYI, I'm providing packags since 2008)

>3) ensure that noone is confused by the fact that different tutorials
>refer to different workflows of the same app.

I can't ensure this, but nevertheless until now, I didn't get any complaints. In
contrary, I get lots of mails thanking me for such a switch.

>In fact, people who patched GIMP to revert the change are still
>incapable of even maintaining their respective forks and keeping them

No. In fact, I did never complain about it. I patched GIMP an implemented such a

And no, I' not incapable of maintaining. I do it since then.

>up to date with all the bugfixes we've had since releasing 2.8.0. Case
>in point: https://github.com/mskala/noxcf-gimp.

see http://gimp.lisanet.de

>And that's coming from someone who's been developing software for 40
>years? Sorry, but in my eyes you've just lost all your credibility.

hhhmm, well, IMO he did _not_ loose his credibility because I did implement such
a feature and maintain it since then.

Please Alexandre, don't get me wrong. I don't want to offend you, I only want to
show, even if my patch might not cover every aspect and every wish of every
user,  that it's not too complicated to implement such a feature. It can be done
quite easily and IMO it's only a matter if one wants to code it or not not code

Finally, I hope I don't get banned from the webpage, because of this
right-out-of-hell-patch I did, and that I still can contribute code and patches
to GIMP.

Simone Karin

lisanet (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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