Hi Randhir Phagura

> I am an old user of GIMP. Earlier, versions that I used had some very
> simple paint brushes in six or seven thickness sizes, which were convenient
> for me to pick from in order to draw the lines or shapes of different width
> in my gray-scale sketches which I drew for my books.
> However, I do not find those brush-sizes in gimp-2.8.10. Can someone guide
> me how I can get those simple paint-brushes and how I can install them in
> this new version?

I dont know which version of GIMP you were using before but if you're on
linux, you could try /usr/share/gimp/2.0/brushes/gimp-obsolete-files, you
can copy those files into /home/<you>/.gimp-2.8/brushes

I'm not sure what the path would be for windows or mAc, though hopefully it
should follow a similar pattern. prob with backslashes instead of forward

Hope it helps :)

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