On  10.3.2014 at 1:46 PM Randhir Phagura wrote:
[...] Earlier, versions that I used had some very
simple paint brushes in six or seven thickness sizes, which were convenient
for me to pick from in order to draw the lines or shapes of different width
in my gray-scale sketches which I drew for my books.
However, I do not find those brush-sizes in gimp-2.8.10. Can someone guide
me how I can get those simple paint-brushes and how I can install them in
this new version?

You can find the GIMP brushes here:
AFAIK these are also all part of the shipped GIMP.

There are also some in the GIMP-Data-Extras repository:

Each of these repositories lets you download its content as a ZIP
or TAR.GZ archive (the URL ends at /gimp or /gimp-data-extras then)

To find a place where to put them just look into Preferences/Folders
/Brushes. It's in the Edit menu on Windows and Linux and in the GIMP
menu on OS X.

To change the size use the Size slider in the Paint Tools dialogues.
To access particular sizes quickly just store them as tool presets and
restore them when you need them (Store and Restore are the little
floppy disc icons  in the button bar underneath the Paint tools dialogue).

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