>The question isn't really if the workflow is nondestructive,
>but rather, to what extent. In GIMP you can paint nondestructively by
>using a new transparent layer. In photoshop you can do that and on top
>of that use layer effects/filters nondestructively. That is, afaik,
>currently possible in GIMP. 
>However, the big project the developers
>are working on right now is transitioning GIMP to a new core, called
>GEGL. With that, it should be possible to retroactively change pretty
>much anything you have done to the image, even far more than is
>with photoshop right now. But, as I said, it is a big project and we
>don't now when it will be done/released. 
>Am 15.03.2014 17:04, schrieb
>out... you are right ;)
>there a hidden option for a complete non destructive worklfow ? like
>adjustment layers and non permanent filter in photoshop ?
>important is a non destructive workflow for the developers ? are they
>implemented better ?
>child.. why?

;D im currently exploring poetry as a .. way to express myself .. and am sorry
if my text isnt conforming to standards someone expects or finds easier to

i smiled at your funny reply.. ;) greetings

the new planned core sounds interesting.. especially with the possibility to
revert "all" manipulation done to the source material..

ty for your reply

crumpy_panda (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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