On 04/04/14 20:43, Jeffery Small wrote:
> Ubuntu 13.10 system running on an Asus U56E system
> UFRaw ver. 0.19.2
> Dcraw ver. 9.19.1
> GIMP ver. 2.8.6
> Darktable ver. 1.2.3
> Shotwell ver. 0.15.0
> I reported on this a long while ago and then got very busy with other
> things.  This is a follow-up with details.
> When attempting to load Minolta (mrw) and Sony (arw) raw image files into
> GIMP, UFRaw is not properly processing them.  The following webpage has
> images which demonstrate the problem:
> http://smallthoughts.com/photos/misc/GIMP/index.html
> The raw files are being imported with distorted color and contrast.
> However, as the additional images show, other programs such as Darktable
> and Shotwell are importing and displaying these files properly.
> Has anyone else been experiencing similar problems, and is there any known
> solution?

This is kind of a shot in the dark.  I don't know anything about shotwell, 
and not much about darktable.  But I know darktable automatically applies
an exposure correction curve to the raw file when it imports it, and ufraw
does not (unless you set one as the default).  You might look at the 
exposure correction curve darktable applies and see what it looks like when
you apply a similar curve in ufraw.  There may be other automagic things
darktable does in regards to color; not sure.

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