When you look at an imported image in darktable without applying any corrections, the program shows you the embedded preview, which was made by the camera itself with all the corrections it (the camera) would made with the original RAW when converting it to jpg. If you applyin UFRaw a camera curve, similar to the one in darktable, you will see the similar result...

Jeffery Small wrote:
Gary Aitken and Alexander Rabtchevich suggest that Darktable (and possibly
Shotwell) are applying corrections that improve the display of the raw
image.  This is true, but in Darktable you can select the "0 - original"
image without the sharpening and curve correction and the image is still
very presentable, unlike anything that UFRaw is presenting.  I can open the
raw images using the software provided by Minolta and Sony and the images
look fine, but these tools run only on Windows and I really want the GIMP
plug-in feature that UFRaw provides.

After opening in UFRaw, the initial settings are so bad that I am unable to
correct the picture to create anything close to a usable image.

Are other Minolta/Sony users seeing similar results, and don't Cannon, Nikon
and other raw-file users see reasonable images when they use UFRaw?

With respect,
Alexander Rabtchevich

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