Can you provide an example image to confirm this?


On Sat, Apr 5, 2014 at 3:11 PM, Jeffery Small <> wrote:

> Alexander Rabtchevich <> writes:
> >When you look at an imported image in darktable without applying any
> >corrections, the program shows you the embedded preview, which was made
> >by the camera itself with all the corrections it (the camera) would made
> >with the original RAW when converting it to jpg. If you applyin UFRaw a
> >camera curve, similar to the one in darktable, you will see the similar
> >result...
> It's true that the lion image imported into UFRaw is terribly over exposed,
> but that is something that UFRaw is doing to the raw data.  The original
> image has proper exposure which was confirmed at the time the picture was
> shot as well as the proper exposure from the companion JPEG image (I shoot
> RAW+JPG).  In UFRaw the histogram is shoved completely to the right edge
> of the spectrum and there is no way to use this tool to fix the picture as
> most of the image detail is already lost.  When I open the same file in the
> DiMAGE Image Viewer software from Minolta (on a Windows XP machine), the
> raw image looks just fine and can be tweaked.
> So I have to assume that this is a serious bug in UFRaw and I have reported
> it as such.  I'm just confused that I have not heard other people
> complaining
> about this problem.
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> Jeff
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