>None of that applies to XCF. Simply put, you are using words that you
>don't even understand the meaning of.

Yes, I used "proprietary" incorrectly, my apologies. My point was that XCF is a
poorly supported file format - a point which I think was quite clear despite the

>Mailing lists are an important communication channel between
>contributors and users of GIMP. Therefore we urge you to follow the
>following common etiquette rules. Failure to observe them, or
>instructions from the moderators, may be grounds for reprimand,
>probation, or removal.

Go on then, you know you want to. I know I'll be joining a long list of other
banned users who have complained about the same thing. Silencing voices of
dissent may make you feel better but won't do much to help your project.

"I cannot lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies"
- Ash 

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