On Fri, 2014-05-16 at 09:52 +0200, gimppimpf wrote:
> >Hi Gary,
> >
> >thanks a lot - that perfekt answer will help me. I must build a
> >starmap with the starnames. For Example alpha Gemini, but the word
> >alpha must be a greek letter. The rest ist normal text.
> >
> >By Gimppimpf
> Hi togehter,
> sorry, but the trick dont work. See picture. Any Idea, what is wrong?
> It must be (alpha) Castor.p 

Are you using Linux? What is your locale setting?

For me, using the Gimp on-canvas text tool,

hold down control and keep it pressed
hold down shift and keep it pressed
press 3 and let go
press b and let go
press 1 and let go
let go of control and shift

will insert a lower-case Greek letter alpha (α).

If that doesn't work, gucharmap (gnome character map) will let you copy
Greek letters that you can paste into gimp. You can use the right-click
menu to paste when the gimp text tool is active.

If you prever, in tool options for the text tool, select "use editor"
and paste there instead.

If you are using a mac, windows, or the android or ipad unofficial gimp
ports, please say so, as it's hard to guess your environment and these
things work differently on different systems.



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