Liam R E Quin writes:
> Are you using Linux? What is your locale setting?

I can't type an alpha either, on Debian Sid, UTF-8, libgtk2 2.24.23-1,
git master gimp from a few days ago.

> [fixed version, sorry!]
> > For me, using the Gimp on-canvas text tool,
> > 
> > hold down control and keep it pressed
> > hold down shift and keep it pressed
> press u and let it go (keeping control and shift pressed)
> > press 3 and let go
> > press b and let go
> > press 1 and let go
> > let go of control and shift
> > 
> > will insert a lower-case Greek letter alpha (α).

When I try that, it works up to the b (as soon as I type the u a
little window pops up and subsequent digits go there), but it
refuses to accept either b or c -- it simply does nothing for those
letters, and nothing appears in the little IM window. It will accept
digits 0-7 and 9 and a, d, e or f but not 8, b or c.
gnome-terminal behaves the same way.

We discussed it on IRC and Liam wondered whether I had some other
binding for ctrl-shift-b and c and ctrl-shift-8 -- it's possible,
but if so I don't know about it and they don't do anything I can see.
I can't find any such bindings in my window manager.

If I right-click in a gtk text entry and look at the Input Methods
submenu, the one that's active is "System (Simple)".

I'd be curious whether Gimppimpf is seeing the same thing, with
some characters working but not b, c or 8.

I also had trouble pasting an alpha: I tried selecting one in a
browser, but middleclick paste doesn't work in gimp's new text tool.
In Firefox I was able to ctrl-C and then ctrl-V it into gimp, but
that wouldn't work everywhere -- not all apps have a way to copy
to the clipboard. I filed a bug (730315) on not being able to paste
the primary X selection.

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