>> Are you using Linux? What is your locale setting?
> I can't type an alpha either, on Debian Sid, UTF-8, libgtk2 2.24.23-1,
> git master gimp from a few days ago.
>> [fixed version, sorry!]
>> > For me, using the Gimp on-canvas text tool,
>> >
>> > hold down control and keep it pressed
>> > hold down shift and keep it pressed
>> press u and let it go (keeping control and shift pressed)
>> > press 3 and let go
>> > press b and let go
>> > press 1 and let go
>> > let go of control and shift
>> >
>> > will insert a lower-case Greek letter alpha (α).
> When I try that, it works up to the b (as soon as I type the u a
> little window pops up and subsequent digits go there), but it
> refuses to accept either b or c -- it simply does nothing for those
> letters, and nothing appears in the little IM window. It will accept
> digits 0-7 and 9 and a, d, e or f but not 8, b or c.
> gnome-terminal behaves the same way.
> We discussed it on IRC and Liam wondered whether I had some other
> binding for ctrl-shift-b and c and ctrl-shift-8 -- it's possible,
> but if so I don't know about it and they don't do anything I can see.
> I can't find any such bindings in my window manager.

It works two different ways on this windoze box (can't test on
my fbsd box as I'm rebuilding world now).
1. Release the <ctrl> and <shift> after typing 'u'.
   Then hit <enter> after all the hex chars are in.
2. Keep <ctrl> and <shift> down until done with hex chars;
   releasing <ctrl><shift> completes the sequence

Does the problem exist with both methods?


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