>> It works two different ways on this windoze box (can't test on
>> my fbsd box as I'm rebuilding world now).
>> 1. Release the <ctrl> and <shift> after typing 'u'.
>>    Then hit <enter> after all the hex chars are in.
>> 2. Keep <ctrl> and <shift> down until done with hex chars;
>>    releasing <ctrl><shift> completes the sequence
>> Does the problem exist with both methods?
> No, only with the second one. The first method works and allows me
> to enter an alpha. (Can't speak for the original poster.)

That points strongly to there being some sort of keyboard accelerator
overriding the input for the characters that don't work, since in the
first case after <ctrl><shift>u the characters being typed are "normal"
and in the second they have the <ctrl><shift> modifiers as part of the

I can think of only three likely place for that to be taking place:
  1. Gimp
  2. window manager
  3. x-server mappings via xmodmap

fwiw, both methods work here on win7 and fbsd.

Does anyone know of any other app that uses <ctrl><shift>u to start a
unicode entry?  If so, what happens in that app?  Or any app where it
could be assigned temporarily for testing?

Alternatively, one could try assigning one of the sequences which 
doesn't work to some gimp function and see if that works.  
If it works, it would indicate the keystroke was getting to gimp and 
is not being siphoned off somewhere higher up.  If it doesn't work,
it doesn't say anything one way or the other.


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