Hello, list -
I am a satisfied GIMP user, and I am using the skl's "Mac on OS X" 2.8.10p2 
release running under OS X 10.9.4.

I have problems with the "lensfun" corrections to my photo pictures; I am not 
sure if this is related to GIMP itself, or to the Mac port I am using.

What happens is:

if I open a Canon RAW image (a CR2 file), GIMP recalls the "ufraw" plugin 
window; in the third tab ("Lens Correction"), ufraw does not know my camera 
Canon 6D, nor my other camera Canon Powershot G15, nor my lens Canon 24-70 EF L 
II (note the "II"), nor other lenses I have.
If I open a Canon JPG image, the plugin GIMP-Lensfun v0.2.3 (Filters -> Enhance 
-> GIMP-Lensfun, inserted I think in the distribution by skl) does not know the 
same cameras and objectives.

The lensfun correction files are shipped by skl in the directory 
/Applications/Gimp.app/Contents/Resources/share/lensfun/ , and are named 
compact-canon.xml and slr-canon.xml.

I have tried do download the last versions from the lensfun distribution, now 
hosted on sourceforge; under the URL 
http://sourceforge.net/p/lensfun/code/ci/master/tree/data/db/ there are three 
files canon-related, named compact-canon.xml, slr-canon.xml and mil-canon.xml.  
Just copying the first two files, or all three, on my GIMP tree, makes GIMP 
choke on the format of these files - both for RAW images and for JPG images; 
probably the xml file format has changed with the time.

QUESTION: how can I upgrade GIMP so that it will use modern and complete 
lensfun files?

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//\  | Maurizio Loreti - Fisico in pensione, nonno felice di
V_/_ | due nipotini, vagabondo e fotografo a tempo perso...

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