On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 2:31 PM, Patrick Shanahan <ptilopt...@gmail.com>

> You don't have to, just replace the "compact-canon.xml" and/or
> "slr-canon.xml" files with the one that contains the information you need.

*As I said*, replacing these files don't work; their xml format is

If I replace the files, there will be no diagnostic in the terminal where I
start GIMP; but there will be NO Canon cameras and NO Canon objectives at
all available for ufraw into GIMP.

Copying the same new files in the ufraw tree makes ufraw barf with the
diagnostic "/opt/local/share/lensfun/compact-canon.xml:22:61: Unknown
element <html>!" and several others similar.  Yes, I could "edit the
current files adding the relevant information", but if the lensfun file
format has changed this 1) requires actions from the ufraw and the GIMP
team; and 2) for me, merging the information from the new files into the
old ones, if they obey a different syntax, could be a nightmare.

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