On 10/07/14 04:43, Nu2Gimp wrote:
This is confusing for me as a beginner.  Although I always want to know why
something is done and how it works, after a 12 hour day at work and in traffic,
I just want to know step 1, 2, 3...  Is there somewhere I can find instructions
like this?

If you are working on a transparent background:

When filling colors, at the top of the Tool options dialog for the paint tool, set the paint tool "Mode" to "Behind", to make it "fill the transparency" and leave the rest untouched. If you are using the bucket-fill set the Threshold value to the highest value that doesn't cause a spill (about 150 for black lines on transparency).

Comparison of the methods (I believe you are using "Normal" mode with a low threshold): http://imgur.com/hSwJoX0
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