> >On 17/lug/2014, at 10:31, Ofnuts <ofn...@laposte.net> wrote:
> >>Actually in many tools, right after you have made your selection, you can 
> >>depress Alt+Control and drag the selected part to a new location. But... 
> >>you need a strong hand because you cannot adjust the position

> On 17/07/14 10:49, Maurizio Loreti wrote:
> >In case like this, you can drag your selection using the arrow keys (that 
> >move one pixel at a time) if you need a stronger control...

Ofnuts writes:
> Doesn't work for me... this doesn't work exactly like the Move tool it
> seems.

It works for me only if I switch to the Move tool. So:

- Make selection with rect select (or whatever)o

- Ctrl-Alt-Drag the selection (this automatically makes a floating
  layer of it).

- Switch to the Move tool (the floating layer is still there).

- Adjust position with arrow keys.

Out of curiosity, why do you need to move something and leave a hole
where it used to be? I know a lot of people want it, and I've always
been curious what they're editing that makes this a useful operation.

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