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> >* 127markaz <for...@gimpusers.com> [08-12-14 14:53]:

> > GIMP does not get to choose it's display (or window) manager, you do. 
> > I use KDE4 on openSUSE-Factory and see nothing resembling your
> > example.  But I have 2.8.10 so it may have changed.

> I thought you were referring to a Gimp function. Did a Windows restart to no
> avail. Is the window in 2.8.10 substantially different?

I really cannot remember any difference in the display, but restarting
windows of what-ever version surely would have no bearing even thou
windows users have that *habit* deeply ingrained.  Aiui the window manager
determines how various elements are displayed and I doubt that GIMP has
that finely grained control to actually determine the *location* of the
slider controls but rather the display of and left/right or top/bottom
location, not the actual arrows themselves.

perhaps a windows user can advise, I have no copy of windows since 3.0. 

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