>Despite what others have said, this is nothing to do with your window
>It is entirely controlled from the theme you are using. The simple way
>to get back to having the stepper at the normal end of the scrollbar
>is to switch back to using the default theme : 
>Edit>>Preferences>>Theme and select Default.
>However, if you wish to continue using this theme you will have to
>edit the rc file(s) associated with it to allow the use of the
>backward stepper and not display the secondary backward stepper:
>  GtkScrollbar::has-backward-stepper = 1
>  GtkScrollbar::has-secondary-backward-stepper = 0
Thanks so much for the replies akovia, Jernej Simončič and Kevin Payne. I will
start with changing the Gimp theme back to the default and work from there. I’ll
report back on any successes or failures.

127markaz (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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