On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 1:26 PM, Elle Stone > Really there is only one
developer who's current stance on unbounded sRGB
> seems a little unclear.

Or there is one time-thief that continues to not understand what a PCS
is in a color management system, what implementation details mean;
which is allergic to implementation details involving anything
relating to sRGB; that continues to argue over her own
misunderstandings of the architecture. The writeup in the babl roadmap
document is a summary of the ideas that have been around since LGM in
Leipzig; which was in the beginning of April this year. You convinced
us that we had to care about RGB spaces beyond sRGB; and we decided to
incorporate that in the architecture with a concept of a
"target-space"; this was in my eyes thus far your thus far last
positive contribution.

I have spent hundreds of hours more on babl/GEGL this year than I
intended, most of them on unproductive arguments on mailinglists, a
medium I not well suited for clearing up misunderstandings but you
refuse to spend time where the developers normally clear up
misunderstandings, reach consensus and make plans; on IRC.

I wrote the babl roadmap when it became clear that playing in your
preferred medium, on the mailinglist, answering your questions was
more conductive to deepen misunderstandings than clear them up. Like
the continued refusal to understand that converting to unbounded
linear sRGB on import to the system would be an implementation detail
and not neccesarily mean that any processing would necessarily happen
in that format - as well as broader principles of software engineering
and how one keeps working code working.

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