On 05/13/2015 08:48 PM, Steve Lett wrote:
> Hi everyone!


> In chapter 3 it starts out telling you how to fill in the lines with colour
> etc. But I think they should have started at the beginning with drawing the
> lines. What do you think? Thats a hell of a price to pay for a book and not
> find the basics in it, hey?
> Am I mistaken?

Maybe yes and no?  I have seen the Book Of GIMP and it looked like
advanced material only.  Obviously a chapter on "bare bones basics"
would not have been out of place...

Try here though:

The online GIMP manual has a Common Tasks section that does include
drawing straight lines:


An introduction to image file formats and their uses might also be
useful.  Note that the GIMP "saves" files to its own native XCF
format, and "exports" images to numerous other formats for purposes
like web display, printing, etc.


This tutorial on basic photo enhancement is one of the best, now its
only home is the Wayback Machine:


After working through these materials, the Book Of GIMP may prove a
lot more useful.



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