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> Hi everyone!
> I'm a brand new user of Gimp and I am not off to a good start.
> I purchased the Book of GIMP by Olivier Lecarme recently. When I tried to
> find how to draw lines I could not find it anywhere in the book. You would
> think that in a book about how to make graphics it would be reasonable to
> expect a clear and detailed description of how to draw lines of various
> types? Yes?
> In chapter 3 it starts out telling you how to fill in the lines with colour
> etc. But I think they should have started at the beginning with drawing the
> lines. What do you think? Thats a hell of a price to pay for a book and not
> find the basics in it, hey?
> Am I mistaken?

​We can discuss for some time about what should be present in the basics.
Since GIMP is the GNU Image Processing Program, image processing is
probably more basic than image drawing. Anyway, probably you did not search
for a long time, since on page 87, Figure 3.125 is named "Drawing a
straight line". A subsection of the same title begins on page 85.

Olivier Lecarme
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