Le 20/06/2015 06:46, Dora Smith a écrit :
I draw a loop with the lasso, and I can cut or copy and then paste what I 

Only problem, the lasso tool continues to draw lines all over the image, and I 
can’t get it to turn off.  How does one turn it off.

I understand you’re supposed to be able to hold down the shift key and select a 
separate area – but it also selects a line between them, and the line may cut 
one of the two selections in half!

I’m having this problem in both Ubuntu and Windows 7.   And I’m having it with 
ALL of the freehand selection tools, not just one of them.

I've also had this issue.

Solution seems to be to take care of remembering which is the first point,

and click on the first point so as to close the shape and end the point inputs.

Note to the devs : Gimp could help when the first point had a different color.


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