>My impression is that it isn't usability, but rather documentation.
>While I found the tool fairly intuitive, a number of tips in this
>thread I would never have figured out save by accident. The problem
>with an "intuitive" tool design is that it isn't necessarily intuitive
>to everyone. This is especially true when one is attempting to learn a
>program while doing a project. If that project has a deadline, it
>compounds the problem within the user's mindand the human mind is a
>very peculiar squirrel. As a friend of mine once remarked, a project
>with a deadline is not the time to learn a new technology.
>Good documentation, either as "tool tips" or in some written form,
>however, can only do so much, and nothing if one does not RTFM, for
>whatever reason. That's one reason lists like this are such a good
>resource. They are generally quicker than searching through a massive
>tome for the answer.

I feel the frustration of the OP, as I too had the same issue when I first
started out.  This is not a usability issue at all.  There is NO WAY that
everything in a program can be totally intuitive, and to expect that is just

I do love forums such as this though, as I never knew you could go back and
change the position of previous points as you go along.  That is awesome!

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