> Le 20/06/2015 06:46, Dora Smith a écrit :
> >Only problem, the lasso tool continues to draw lines all over the image, and 
> >I can’t get it to turn off.  How does one turn it off.

JLuc writes:
> I've also had this issue.
> Solution seems to be to take care of remembering which is the first point,
> and click on the first point so as to close the shape and end the point 
> inputs.

No need to remember anything. Hit Enter and the tool will close
the selection, from the last point you made back to the first point.

There's a visual difference too: as your mouse gets close to a
point, if it's not the first point, the line from your last point
disappears. That's because the behavior is different: if you click
on the last point, the tool closes the selection, but if you click
and drag on any other point, you can move it. But you don't have to
remember or be aware of any of that if you just hit Enter whenever
you want to close the selection.

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