What needs to be done for this to be included?

On 06/27, dar...@chaosreigns.com wrote:
> On 06/27, Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> > I suppose you got the RGB values for the colors from the proper source.
> > (I did not see them on the Wikipedia page, is there a reference?)
> I downloaded the .svg of the current version of the flag from wikipedia,
> used imagemagick's convert program to convert it to .png, then used the eye
> dropper in the gradient editor to grab the RGB values.  
> (And I used the dialog to evenly divide it into six sections.)
> > The name in the .ggr file for the gradient is 'Gay flag'. Perhaps it
> > should be 'Rainbow flag' or 'LGBT flag'?
> > Other than that, it's fine.
> Yeah, I thought about that after I posted.  This is one as "Rainbow flag",
> if that helps:  
> http://www.chaosreigns.com/code/dl/Rainbow-flag.ggr
> (Not tested, but I just renamed the file, and did a string replace from
> "Gay" to "Rainbow".)
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