>If it is just the blurry nature of the UFRaw jpg then the answer is in
>your original post - no sharpening has been applied, so you might
>expect it to be blurry.
>Have you tried processing the image with UFRaw but saving it in tif
>format, then using something like Unsharp Mask 2 V0.12 in GIMP to
>provide the required level of sharpening?
>(Have UFRaw output lossless tif files, rather than jpgs which
>(usually) lose image information and (can) introduce artefacts - only
>save the finished image in jpg format.)

I will try to use the tif. But could you try to answer this as well:

If the original CR2 (RAW) file s sharp as nails (looks exactly the same as
camera generated JPG) then how can the UFRaw generated picture be less sharp
than the original RAW file?

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