>I tried the tiff format but it does not seems to make a lot of sense
>with Gimp.
>Gimp cannot handle 16-bit tiff images and i lose a lot that extra
>information from the 14-bit RAW file.
>Or am i missing something here?
>Also, why does my windows show that the jpg files are 24bit - should
>they not be 8bit? Or is it 8 bit per channel * 3?

The current release version of GIMP (2.8.x) will only operate in 8-bit colour
depth. The next version of GIMP is said to handle 8, 16 or 32-bits colour depth
(I only say "is said to" because I haven't tried it). You would therefore have
to export an 8-bit tif from UFRaw for further processing in GIMP, or use the
development version of GIMP (2.9.x) which is not recommended for 'important'

If you want to work in more than 8 bits until any final conversion to jpg you
have, at least, the following two alternatives -  use Photoshop/CS (which I
don't have) or process your raw files in something like RawTherapee (available
for Windows, Linux and Mac) or darktable (Linux and Mac only) - both of these
programs are open source and available for free.

I stand to be corrected on this but there is no 16-bit jpg format - so if you
want to produce a jpg as the final result of your processing you will have to
degrade to 8 bits at that point (keeping the file with the 16-bit colour depth
from which the jpg was generated (in the same way that you work with xcf files
in GIMP and just output a jpg at the end)).

As you surmise the 24-bit colour relates to 3 channels, each of 8-bits.

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