>I will try to use the tif. But could you try to answer this as well:
>If the original CR2 (RAW) file s sharp as nails (looks exactly the
>same as camera generated JPG) then how can the UFRaw generated picture
>be less sharp than the original RAW file?
I believe that the CR2 files contain not only the raw image data but also a jpg
thumbnail - at a guess the thumbnail may be sharpened (in camera) and it is
probably the thumbnail that Irfanview is showing you.

The point with raw files is that you (in theory) get (something close to) the
raw sensor data which you can then process with a different set of
parameters/controls to those used by the camera - this includes sharpening.

Try loading the image into RawTherapee where you can turn the sharpening on or
off - when turned off I would expect you to see a similar level of blurring to
that produced by UFRaw (which has no sharpening feature).

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