>Dear experts,
>I would like to prepare a script-fu function for selecting a tool with
>prepared tool options.
>For example, there's a use case for always drawing (free hand) with a
>pencil, wich must be a 2px line in red. So, I want to write a
>function, which selects the pencil and sets the pencil's options to
>What I found is the function "gimp-pencil", but if I understand right,
>this function is used to imediately draw a line between given
>coordinates. But I only want to prepare the pencil tool, so that the
>user daws free-hand, but with my pre-defined settings.
>Which function can I use?
>Thanks a lot in advance for your answers!
>Joe Son

So, I just found out, how to use the functions "gimp-context-set-brush-size" and
But I don't yet know how which function to use for selecting the pencil as
current tool...

Joe Son

JoeSon (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)
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