On 12/05/2015 11:36 AM, Ofnuts wrote:

>>> Wouldn't it be useful to have a different file extension for the new
>>> high-precision contents?

>> What's the benefit?
> Not endlessly explaining to users that there are two different types
> of XCF.  [ ... ]

>> Should file extension be changed every time some
>> major change happpens? How many different file extensions for GIMP
>> would you be comfortable with?

> One per incompatible change (ie, version N cannot load version N+1).

Maybe a notice that works like the "tip of the day" in versions of
the GIMP that make xcf files that earlier versions can't handle?  It
could even be the first item in the tip of the day rotation...

Explicitly advising users in advance that their shiny new GIMP
installation makes files earlier versions can't open would be Good
Thing.  A similar notice might be displayed on the gimp.org download
page.  This might help many users who do collaborative work to avoid
potentially costly (lost time, missed deadlines) issues.


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