I don't see the difference to be about efficiency. There is noticeable 
lag when executing python-fu. 

E.g., when I run Akkana Peck's show_py_ui.py plugin, and compare this 
with GIMP.org's test-sphere.scm script there is a big difference in 
performance up to launcing the UI. I note show_py_ui.py is a smaller 
file size, 3kb compared to test-sphere.scm's 6kb (12kb inc comments). 

Is it just me on pre-build OSX?



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>On 22/03/16 12:27, uga...@talktalk.net wrote:
>> Is there a known performance issue for python-fu compared with 
>> fu?
>> I have a pair of comparable scripts, and I find python-fu to be
>> noticeably lagged.
>> I am running 2.8.16 on OSX.
>> -u
>A script is normally just glue around operations carried out by Gimp, 
>the efficiency of the script language is normally fairly irrelevant.
>But different scripts could be using different operations for 
>results, one set of operations being more efficient...
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