I forgot to say that, but it is not really tansparent, Privot takes the bottom
right (or left, I'm not sure) pixel and makes all of this color tansparent. So
in GIMP 2 it is white, and in Privot tansparent, with the bug as shown in the
image. But yes I will try that with the eraser tool, thanks for your answer.

>Looks like  a classic case of "residual" alpha data (areas with
>less-than-full transparency) to me.  This is something you typically
>end up dealing with any time you use an automated tool to 'cut out' an
>image in GIMP because depending on what tools you're using to assemble
>your sprite later, they may or may not handle partial transparency
>What you should do (or at least what I'd do personally) is take the
>Eraser tool and start erasing around the vicinity of your object to
>ensure that the transparent areas around it really are 100%
>Alternately, go to the Colors menu and select the "Levels..." option. 
>On the dialog that pops up you will be a dropdown with a list of color
>channels in the image (red/green/blue). Select "Alpha" from the
>dropdown and notice the histogram that appears in the chart.  Take the
>black end of the alpha range and drag it up the scale by a small
>amount -- this will wash out the alpha values of transparent areas to
>ensure that areas that look 100% transparent really ARE 100%
>-- Stratadrake
>Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

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