On Thursday 23 June 2016 11:47:13 Richard wrote:

> > From: ghesk...@shentel.net
> > To: gimp-user-list@gnome.org
> > Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 00:11:28 -0400
> > Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] confirm
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> > On Wednesday 22 June 2016 20:18:24
> >
> > gimp-print-devel-requ...@lists.sourceforge.net wrote:
> > > Your membership in the mailing list Gimp-print-devel has been
> > > disabled due to excessive bounces [ . . . ]
> Some time ago I received a similar message from gimp-developer-list. 
> I was a little confused (and suspicious) since I have never received
> such a message from gimp-user-list.  (Incidentally, I have not
> received any messages from gimp-developer-list since then; maybe it
> was legit.)
> Can anyone share further information about this?

IDK ATM. I am in central WV, much of which has been either in the dark 
for the last 15 hours, or listening to standby generator, which I have, 
a 20kw nat gas automatic.  It started at about 3:22 this morning, and 
finally shut down for the last time about 18:07 this evening.

I got one yesterday threatening to remove me if I got one more bounce.  
For 1, count 'em (according to the message) bounce. Hello, this is the 
internet folks, stuff happens!

IMO the one bounce and you're out sucks dead toads thru soda straws, 
particularly in view of the worsening infrastructure of the US in the 
last 20 years.

I am on shentel.net for both internet and phone, did that several years 
ago when verizon's old copper got so bad I was out of a phone for all 
but 2 weeks of the first 4 months of the year, and verizon had the 
unmitigated gaul to get their knickers in a knot over my "harrassing" 
them by calling the P.U.C., which can lean on them legally if they have 
to.  At that point I didn't have, nor could I find, a quarter to call 
somebody that cared as I damned sure didn't when a working phone is part 
of a COPD victims (my wife) lifeline.  Shentel is doing their email 
server someplace in the "cloud" and its scary fast, so I've no clue why 
they would ever bounce a mailing list message addressed to me.

But this msg even though my filters seem to have missfired, is being 
CC:'d back to the list just to see if I have well and truly been 

I wish I knew what their reasoning is.  But those people can't be 
bothered to respond to a list member, beneath their dignity or ???

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