On Friday 24 June 2016 02:50:32 Michael Schumacher wrote:

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> > Von: "Gene Heskett" <ghesk...@shentel.net>
> > An: Richard <strata_ran...@hotmail.com>
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> > Betreff: Re: [Gimp-user] confirm
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> >
> > I got one yesterday threatening to remove me if I got one more
> > bounce. For 1, count 'em (according to the message) bounce. Hello,
> > this is the internet folks, stuff happens!
> >
> > IMO the one bounce and you're out sucks dead toads thru soda straws,
> > particularly in view of the worsening infrastructure of the US in
> > the last 20 years.
> It's "one more bounce". Meaning that you have had many of them before
> - so you could go check the list archives and see how many of the
> messages you didn't receive, and then ask your mail provide why you
> didn't receive them.

That is an automatic 30 minute phone call because I have to convince each 
flunky answering the phone that I need to talk to someone about an email 
problem.  There is at least 4 layers of useless dweebs before I get to 
someone who at least knows what fetchmail or linux is. I only make that 
call when things are really stuffed.

That is not what the server message says. The server's message always 
says one bounce, and quotes the bounced message, the frequency of the 
messages is about monthly.  The bounce score in the message is under 2%.  
And yet I am being threatened with an automatic ubsubscribe?  It doesn't 

> Also, you are alternating between different sender addresses -
> @shentel.net and @wdtv.com. The latter is not subscribed to the
> gimp-user mailing lists and ends up in the moderation queue.

That should not have happened as my account on that server has been 
removed, but to be sure I just removed the wdtv.com from the sending 
choices so it can't "catch me up".


Cheers, Gene Heskett
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