>I have 18 file versions of my project and the most current file
>version #18 is not working at all using the clone tool. Yet if I open
>an older file version #14, clone works fine. I have both 14+18 open
>and can use the top thumbnails to switch between the 2 and can't
>figure out why it doesn't work on 18.
>I'm careful to select the pic layer so it's the active layer. In the
>layer view I know there's a pixel lock, but it's not engaged for any
>of my layers, yet it's behaving like there is a lock on any pixel
>changes. Do you have an idea on what's going on?

Very difficult to diagnose without full details of tool settings, the actual

Traps that a beginner might fall into using the clone tool.

Not correctly selecting the source - remember to control-click

Working on a layer under a visible layer. Turn off visibility of layers above

An inappropriate / tiny / clipboard brush - check the brush

The clone tool mode. For example registered mode clones from layer to another
layer, So you can not clone on the same layer in that mode. - change the tool

Always more than one way to get a result with Gimp, much depends on the image.

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/859/original/clone-options.jpg

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