On Sun, 2022-10-23 at 19:21 -0400, Liam R E Quin wrote:
> The mailing list is moving to Discourse, yes. You can interact with
> Discourse using email.


a lot of the Evolution mailing list members, including myself, tested
the mailing list ability of Discourse. I was not allowed to start a new
thread by email, because my gamification level was 0. You are allowed to
start a new thread by email, after you reached level 1. This is not the
only annoyance. Discourse GNOME has got no real mailing list ability.

> IRC, Discord, Mastodon, Twitter, continue to exist.

IRC is as good as a mailing list, but no replacement for a mailing list
and a mailing list is no replacement for IRC. Both are very good, but
fit different needs.

I'm not per se against forums, but a forum is per se less good than a
mailing list. I'm completely against forums using gamification to fool
the subscribers.

Twitter and similar unsocial networks are hell!

If no new mailing lists will be available, I seriously doubt that a lot
of the Midnight Commander or of the Evolution mailing list subscribes
are willing to use Discourse in the future, let alone Twitter or
similar. Some might use IRC, other community members will be lost
forever. It might be different for Gimp or Gedit mailing list
subscribers. However, those used to command line, ncurses or ncurses
alike approaches and/or mail user agents will less likely be much
attracted by Discourse, Twitter and Co.

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