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> This debate is … absurd.


have you already signed up? A lot of users tested Discourse. I'm one of
them. Note, you can only send a request, if you reach "Level 1".

It's not absurd to fight gamification.


I'm absolutely not a mentally immobile dino. I way more often fight for

In this case there are several reasons to fight against this step into
the wrong direction. One reason is, that it does split the community to
gains absolutely nothing.

Btw. I'm using a major distro, that is a real rolling release, following
upstream as close as possible. It's approach isn't user-friendliness, it
does follow the user-centric approach. IOW I'm used to software changes
and I make my homework on my own.

Arch Linux migrated from Mailman 2, to Mailman 3, see



"Postorius Documentation"
[ https://docs.mailman3.org/projects/postorius/en/latest/ ]


Postorius requires Python 3.7+.

The minimum Django version is 3.2.

Postorius needs a running version of GNU Mailman version 3.3.5."


Why HyperKitty?

Mailman is in need for replacement of its default Pipermail archiver. It
is over 10 years old, users’ expectations have changed and their
requirements are more sophisticated than the current archiver can
deliver on. Mailman3 is the currently under active development and it
offers a pluggable architecture where multiple archivers can be plugged
to the core without too much pain.

Some of the drawbacks of Pipermail :

    It does not support stable URLs.
    It has scalability issues (it was not suitable for organizations
working with hundred of thousand of messages per day, e.g, Launchpad)
    The web interface is dated and does not output standards-compliant
HTML nor does it take advantage of new technologies such as AJAX.

The HyperKitty archiver addresses most of the drawbacks of Pipermail."

That the GNOME foundation spread untruth related to Mailman is already a
reason to fight back!

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