Hi there,

I have made a drawing and have scanned it.  The drawing is
black on white paper (greyscaled, not 1-bit palette).

Now, I'd like to colour it, give it a background etc.  But
first I need it to be black lines on an transparrent
background; then I can paint on a different layer and place
the b/w drawing on top of it.  I like doing it this way,
because it looks very nice.

But how do I converte all the white to alpha?  I've tried
with Select By Colour, but it's not good at all, since alot
of grey pixels are not selected.  I've tried playing with
Colour Treshold, Curves and Levels, but haven't found any
good solution yet.

Can anyone help me?  There must be a button somewhere that
spreads the palette of a greyscaled image over an
alpha-palette instead.  Or can this be done manually?  I'll
try that out right away!

Suggestions are very welcome!

Stephan Henningsen  /
                   /  http://tisprut.dk

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