Thanks to everyone who have helped with suggestions.

This is what I came up with:

1) Greyscale.
2) Image -> Colours -> Levels... to turn the darkest colours
   into plain black, and the brightest colours into white.
   This is merely a trick to remove "scan-noise".
3) RGB.
4) Filter -> Colours -> Colour to Alpha, then I choose the
   white colour.  Now I have black/alpha instead of

I also used about an hour to find out, that this filter does
not work if the ``Keep Trans.'' is checked in the Layers
dialog =).  Now I can add a white paper background and
transparrent layers for colouring.

You can see the results of my scans and colouring here:

I especially like colouring of the candle; it has a very
cool cartoonish look, I think.  The old man, by the way, is
a drawing I've made of a real person that sometimes travels
with the same bus as I.  He always has this little briefcase
with him ... I am absolutely sure he's a hitman with a
sniper rifle in his briefcase, just waiting to be assembled
and take out a target!! =)

Stephan Henningsen  /

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