I think you want to use my Filters/Colors/Color To
Alpha... in the 1.2.x distribution.  

First, convert it to RGB.  Run the filter, select
white as your color, and let it do its magic.

Happy GIMPing,

Seth Burgess

--- Stephan Henningsen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have made a drawing and have scanned it.  The
> drawing is
> black on white paper (greyscaled, not 1-bit
> palette).
> Now, I'd like to colour it, give it a background
> etc.  But
> first I need it to be black lines on an transparrent
> background; then I can paint on a different layer
> and place
> the b/w drawing on top of it.  I like doing it this
> way,
> because it looks very nice.
> But how do I converte all the white to alpha?  I've
> tried
> with Select By Colour, but it's not good at all,
> since alot
> of grey pixels are not selected.  I've tried playing
> with
> Colour Treshold, Curves and Levels, but haven't
> found any
> good solution yet.
> Can anyone help me?  There must be a button
> somewhere that
> spreads the palette of a greyscaled image over an
> alpha-palette instead.  Or can this be done
> manually?  I'll
> try that out right away!
> Suggestions are very welcome!
> -- 
> Stephan Henningsen  /
>                    /
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