On 24 Jul 2001 15:35:05 +0200, Carsten Kaemmerer wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried and tried, but I didn't understand how to create an animation
> with two objects moving independent from each other.  
> (Creating an animation with 'Video'->'Move Path' works fine for one
> object (= one move path).)

You have to do one object at a time. Once you're done, you can add the
other. Every frame can have layers, thus this is perfectly possible.

    GAP tutorial: http://jimmac.musichall.cz/tutor2.php3

I didn't get the problem you mention with transparency. Just checked if
there's any bugs since the last time I checked and no, works like charm.
So check the tutorial, you must be doing something wrong. 

1. save as a GAP frame
2. duplicate frames
3. move path, select source object, set keyframes/settings (inluding
4. render

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