On Fri, 21 Sep 2001, Sam Jones wrote:

> > I'm working on some illustrations, and am not entirely satisfied with the
> > fact that they look very artificial and computer-generated.  Does anyone
> I'm a big fan of a rough hand-drawn look.  One thing I did that I'm
> halfway happy with is a crosshatch filter I made for GIMP with
> gimp-perl.  It doesn't always create a believable cross-hatch effect.  It
> depends on the subject and the settings.
> If you're creating stuff from scratch, there's nothing like a graphics
> tablet.


Well, as I was explaining to someone just yesterday, there is still
nothing like a pen, pencil or brush. When I want realistic artwork, I do
it by hand. Then digicam or scan it, and then retouch, colour, add text or
intensify features with the gimp and my wacom tablent, or ordinary mouse.



Using the tools for their own sake was fun for awhile, but when the
novelty wore off and frustration set in, I went to a mix of hand and
computer techniques.

Perhaps I'm biased - I once worked at a sign company that invested in a
computer design and layout system that literally doubled manufacturing
time over that of the previous manual design/opaque projector technique.


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