>Well, as I was explaining to someone just yesterday, there is still
>nothing like a pen, pencil or brush. When I want realistic artwork, I do
>it by hand. Then digicam or scan it, and then retouch, colour, add text or
>intensify features with the gimp and my wacom tablent, or ordinary mouse.

Yeah-- I'm happiest with starting with a hand-drawn sketch and then using 
the gimp for colouring it.  Unfortunately, the results still seem too 
artificial for my liking.


Wow-- very nice.  Presumably you did the artwork by hand, scanned it, 
retouched/coloured it via gimp, and added the text, right?  Again, very 

>Perhaps I'm biased - I once worked at a sign company that invested in a
>computer design and layout system that literally doubled manufacturing
>time over that of the previous manual design/opaque projector technique.


I work as a programmer, and I'm quite convinced that computers usually do 
not save time....

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