Hey All,
I have a question on printing.  Just recently, my printing setup 
changed from the lprold/BSD which was installed when I installed SuSE 
to CUPS, quite by accident I might add.  But, I do like CUPS better as 
far as the controls and drivers and such.  What I don't like so far is 
my graphics printout.  Printing out of any graphics programs, besides 
GIMP, I get what looks like ordered dithering and some bad coloring.  I 
managed to get some reasonable printouts from GIMP though, because it 
also has my printer driver listed, the HP Deskjet 850C.  The coloring 
was still very dark, but much better and there seems to be control over 
dithering and other things also.

Now am I right in assuming that GIMP has it's own special printer 
drivers, kinda like WordPerfect?  It goes outside the CUPS setup to do 
it's own thing?  I know I have read about more printer drivers, maybe 
even updated ones for GIMP, that can also be used for CUPS?  I have not 
installed the 25mb of printer drivers my SuSE came with for CUPS, so 
should I do that first or should I get the GIMP drivers and use those 
in CUPS also?  Thanks for the input/advice/help.

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