Jouni Tapio Rinne wrote:
Tomek Grzejszczyk wrote:

I want to print an image. I have cups installed and I can do it writing:
lp image.jpg
But when I try to print this image from gimp (which gives me really great flexibility to position and scale the image, and set printing quality), I get no result. It is strange because I see that gimp is set up to print by calling:

lp -s -dEpson640C -oraw

I've tried some other printing commands:
lp -s -dEpson640C

I don't know about your system, but in my Slackware Linux the 'lp' and 'lpr' are both symlinks to 'lp-cups' and 'lpr-cups' respectively. I'm using the command

lpr -l -P<printername>

to print from Gimp.

Try 'lpr-cups' instead of 'lpr' in case your symlinks aren't set correctly. If you are using Postscript Level 2 on Gimp, you have to choose the correct PPD file for your printer, and use the command

lpr -P<printername>

to print.


Thanks for the info. I am using ML10.0 and lpr does point to lpr-cups. However, I can print just using "lpr" without the PPD file or lpr -P<printer> plus the PPD file. I am using Postscript level 2. I did not notice any change in the printing results.

One other thing I can't figure out is how to change the margins. They appear to be preset and will not get samller. For example, I have .5" set on the left and it will not decrease.

Also the "media type", "media source", "inktype" and "resolution" are blanked out.

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