I hate to do this to you, but what you really need is either Illustrator or 
QuarkXPress, Indesign would probably work also.

Programs that output pages of that size usually are going to cost you money, 
as affecting that sort of output isn't something 'the-everybody' needs to do.

Perhaps if you put in a feature req. on the gimp site something could get 
done in the latest release?

Illustrator can do it definately. You could probably take your image to 
kinkos and output a .prn file at the dimensions you need (postscript) and use 
Acrobat to print that out.


On Wednesday 16 January 2002 03:07 am, Dylan Leblanc wrote:
> I am trying to print a 4 foot long (x 8.5 inch high) banner on a regular HP
> 842c printer.  Programs like PS 5 and PSP wont do this properly. The
> problem with them is that they end up just printing a regular 8.5 x 11 inch
> image, and dont print a continuous banner.  All the settings are set up to
> print a banner, but I doesnt come out like that.  I know it can be done
> properly though because I printed a banner using a program called Poster7,
> but it is missing print scale abilities that I need.
> The Gimp does the same thing, only prints out 11 inches of the banner.  But
> I thought there still might be hope in the scripting code that the Gimp
> has.  Is it possible to output to the printer, bypassing whatever is
> cutting the file down to 11 inches, using a script???
> Or is anyone familar with banner printing?
> thanks,
> Dylan Leblanc
> http://skyscraperpage.com/
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