Since you're talking windows....

My wife's an elementary school teacher and prints multi-page banners all 
day long with Printshop from Broderbrund (sp?).  It can be purchased for 
a fraction of the cost of Illustrator or QuarkXPress.  The versions 
she'ss running we paid around $20 US, I believe the current version is 
Printshop 10 and can be had for around $50 US.

magnetHead wrote:

> I hate to do this to you, but what you really need is either Illustrator or 
> QuarkXPress, Indesign would probably work also.
> Programs that output pages of that size usually are going to cost you money, 
> as affecting that sort of output isn't something 'the-everybody' needs to do.
> Perhaps if you put in a feature req. on the gimp site something could get 
> done in the latest release?
> Illustrator can do it definately. You could probably take your image to 
> kinkos and output a .prn file at the dimensions you need (postscript) and use 
> Acrobat to print that out.
> -mh
> On Wednesday 16 January 2002 03:07 am, Dylan Leblanc wrote:
>>I am trying to print a 4 foot long (x 8.5 inch high) banner on a regular HP
>>842c printer.  Programs like PS 5 and PSP wont do this properly. The
>>problem with them is that they end up just printing a regular 8.5 x 11 inch
>>image, and dont print a continuous banner.  All the settings are set up to
>>print a banner, but I doesnt come out like that.  I know it can be done
>>properly though because I printed a banner using a program called Poster7,
>>but it is missing print scale abilities that I need.
>>The Gimp does the same thing, only prints out 11 inches of the banner.  But
>>I thought there still might be hope in the scripting code that the Gimp
>>has.  Is it possible to output to the printer, bypassing whatever is
>>cutting the file down to 11 inches, using a script???
>>Or is anyone familar with banner printing?
>>Dylan Leblanc
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