Okay, I just successfully printed a 2-page banner.  It's really not
hard, but could also be generalized into a script.  I might try that,
but it will be in python-fu instead of script-fu.

Here's what you can do:

Your banner is 48in and the paper is 11.  Assuming that you need 0.5in
of margins at the top and bottom of the paper (non-printable area),
you need to divide the image into 10in chunks.  So you will have 5
sheets in the end.

Open the image in the Gimp and double click the Rectangular Selection
Tool (to bring up the Tool Options dialog).  Check the "Fixed Size /
Aspect Ratio" checkbox.  Pick "in" as the Unit.  Set the "Width" to
the width of your image (e.g., 8.5).  Set the height to 10.

Now, left-click on coordinate (0,0) in the image and drag just a
little.  It will create a Width x Height rectangular selection.  Drag
a guide from the top of the image to the bottom of the selection (so
it lines up exactly with the bottom of the selection).  The guide is
just so that you'll know where to start the next selection.  Select
Copy from the Edit menu to copy the selection to the clipboard.  Now,
select "Paste as New" from the Edit menu to generate a new image.  You
can then print that sub-image.

Create another rectangular selection, this time starting at the guide.
Drag another guide (or move the existing one) to the bottom of the new
selection.  Now you can copy and "Paste as New" the new selection.

Repeat the above process until you've done the whole image.

I hope that's readable.  :)  It would definitely be easier as a
script, but this'll do in a pinch.  If I create a script for it, I'll
let you know.


On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 12:07:22AM -0800, Dylan Leblanc wrote:
> I am trying to print a 4 foot long (x 8.5 inch high) banner on a regular HP 842c 
>printer.  Programs like PS 5 and PSP wont do this properly. The problem with them is 
>that they end up just printing a regular 8.5 x 11 inch image, and dont print a 
>continuous banner.  All the settings are set up to print a banner, but I doesnt come 
>out like that.  I know it can be done properly though because I printed a banner 
>using a program called Poster7, but it is missing print scale abilities that I need.
> The Gimp does the same thing, only prints out 11 inches of the banner.  But I 
>thought there still might be hope in the scripting code that the Gimp has.  Is it 
>possible to output to the printer, bypassing whatever is cutting the file down to 11 
>inches, using a script???
> Or is anyone familar with banner printing?
> thanks,
> Dylan Leblanc
> http://skyscraperpage.com/

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