I think I know how to do this.  I'm trying it myself now, so I'll
email back shortly when I'm done.  I just didn't want you to run out
and buy some program when it can be done in the Gimp...and I'm pretty
sure it can be.  Not positive, but pretty sure. :)

If it can't, I would look on Freshmeat for a banner-printing program.
I'll bet there's one out there...


On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 12:07:22AM -0800, Dylan Leblanc wrote:
> I am trying to print a 4 foot long (x 8.5 inch high) banner on a regular HP 842c 
>printer.  Programs like PS 5 and PSP wont do this properly. The problem with them is 
>that they end up just printing a regular 8.5 x 11 inch image, and dont print a 
>continuous banner.  All the settings are set up to print a banner, but I doesnt come 
>out like that.  I know it can be done properly though because I printed a banner 
>using a program called Poster7, but it is missing print scale abilities that I need.
> The Gimp does the same thing, only prints out 11 inches of the banner.  But I 
>thought there still might be hope in the scripting code that the Gimp has.  Is it 
>possible to output to the printer, bypassing whatever is cutting the file down to 11 
>inches, using a script???
> Or is anyone familar with banner printing?

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