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But perhaps i did not explain exactly enough what i meant.

> On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Peter Buckenleib wrote:
> > is there a way to correct optical distortions of wide-angle lenses
> > ( most annoing within architectural pics ) using gimp ?
> It's possible...read on.
> > I'm dreaming of something like stetching the upper side,
> > interpolate all the pixel-lines down to the bottom-line (which
> > remains unstretched) and then cutting away the resulting triangles
> > on the left and right side to restore the original size of the
> > scan.
> What you need to do is first calibrate the camera.  By that, I mean
> you need to be able to determine the optical distortion parameters of
> the lens.  This includes, the center of optical distortion (usually
> not exactally in the center), and the spherical distortion exhibited
> by the lens.  There's software out there to do this and I've done it
> with my own digital video camera for CGI.

The spherical distortion and other , let me say "defects or 
construction-bugs" of the lens are not what i ment, but the very common 
effekt that the baseline of a building on the print is for example 5 
inches, and the top floor is only 3 inches, but it should be 

I'll keep your mail for later use (maybe).

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